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We, SC IMPACT MODE SRL from Mureş County, with over 14 years of experience in the trade and distribution of fabrics, especially for shirts, we represent Tootal Fabrics from Holland and we are one of the most important supplier of fabrics on the domestic market and in the Republic of Moldova.

Since we are direct importers of textiles, our prices are competitive compared to the most domestic suppliers.

A very important part of the product range is the large collection of fabrics for 100% cotton shirts or blouses, but also blends of cotton with different percentages of polyester or stretch, tencel and fabrics 100% linen.

We can also offer you collections and materials for working equipment as well as PFD (ready for painting) fabrics, raw fabrics, linings, inserts / thermocouples.

In addition to Plain fabrics you can find many other textures: Twill, Oxford of various types, Chambray, Fil fil, Dobby, Herringbone etc. with or without special treatments.

Go to the COLLECTIONS chapter where hundreds of Tootal Fabrics items, depending on their composition, design and duration in collections, are grouped as follows:

  • STANDARD collections (with repetitive stocks)
  • SEASONAL COLLECTIONS (are up to 2000 ml / model made and do not repeat after stocks run out)
  • PROMOTION Collection low-priced items within the stock limits

Registering in site you will be able to browse the online catalogs, but also you can create your own men's / women's shirt. The design tools include various camouflage designs, accessories and the possibility of using contrasts.

Or tell us the composition of the desired fabric, the fabric structure, the design and the color, and we will offer you a viable solution. The IMPACT MODE team gives attention to every requirement and is available to you with any information / detail about woven fabric cards.

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